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Step by step guide to bonding rabbits part two:

Thumper and Topaz meet at home

ThumperThumper       TopazTopaz

Two rabbits will usually get along quite happily in a strange place. However what usually happens when rabbits meet for the first time at home is another story.

Thumper and Topaz were introducted in the bathroom as this is neutral territory. Thumper seemed a little uneasy and wanted to leave. Topaz sat in the supervisor's lap and didn't want to move. There was a big scary bunny and it was too much new weird stuff to take in. Thumper's attitude towards Topaz changed. This was Thumper's house and Thumper was the boss (Fuzzy having decided to be a lone bunny). Thumper showed disinterest toward Topaz and when Topaz finally gained enough courage to go and sniff Thumper, Thumper growled and struck out with her front paws. We interfered at this point.

Topaz was moved next to Thumper so they could see each other but not get close enough to bite. This worked quite well as neither rabbit showed any signs of concern or aggression.

The cages side by side

Thumper seemed to be anticipating an attack from Topaz, as Fuzzy had been quite aggressive towards Thumper after Fuzzy had several major hip surgerys. By having the cages together, it allowed Thumper to become more comfortable with the idea of another pal, and to get used to Topaz's smell. Topaz wasn't bothered in the slightest as she is very people oriented and outgoing. The rabbit's were left for several of weeks in this arrangement.

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