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Step by step guide to bonding rabbits part three:

Thumper and Topaz

ThumperThumper       TopazTopaz

Three weeks later we decided to try the rabbits together again. In the meantime Topaz had been enjoying playing on the bed. She would binky around like a maniac and then flop on to the soft covers for a nap. Thumper hadn't been on the bed before. We decided to use a bed as the next introduction ground as Topaz would feel more at home and Thumper would be less territorial. Thumper pretty much owns the rest of the house, so any other room was out of the question. To guard against accidental peeing, we placed old blankets and towels on the bed.

When put on the bed together, neither rabbit seemed interested in the other.

Topaz seemed a little nervous and after a quick nose touch, tried to hide in the pillows. Pillows were removed :-)

More Sniffing
Thumper is more interested in sniffing the blanket so Topaz goes in for a sniff

Don't hurt me
Topaz assumes the submissive position (except doesn't put her ears back) and says "Don't hurt me". Thumper leaned over and licked Topaz's eyes just after this photo was taken.

Topaz leans into Thumper in bunny bliss. Topaz just wants to snuggle.

Bunny Love
Thumper settles down for a nap, and Topaz settles down next to Thumper. Thumper seems quite happy too, as her eyes are closing. Bunny Love at last.

More Bunny Love
After some grooming they settle down for another nap. They are both happy and relaxed.

At this stage, Thumper still stresses when Topaz goes near Thumper's behind. Thumper growls and pretends to lunge at Topaz, and Topaz races away, often binking. The initial introduction lasted for 1/2 an hour. We have done another two of these sessions, each for around an hour. They are not ready to be alone together as Thumper is still a little tense, and Topaz is still skittish around Thumper.

A happy ending....

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