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The tall condo

The Tall Condo

The cubes are great to use for building condos, as any shape and size condo can be built. This configuration is for a tall condo...

Why so tall you ask?
There are 6 levels in the condo, each with its own purpose. The ground floor has the toilet and snack bar. There are two plastic crates with holes cut in the side. This stops the rabbits from peeing over the edge of the litter boxes. When rabbits pee, they back up into the corner and lift up their tails. If they back up too far, they miss the box all together. Hence the high edged boxes. The food bowl is in the toilet because they tend to poop and eat at the same time. It's simply the gastrocolic reflex of their intestines.

The litterbox

The first floor
The first floor consists of single cube as this allows access to either end of the litter boxes. Fuzzy can be quite bossy with the food bowl too, so this allows two escape routes for Thumper..... The water bottle is also on first floor so drips can fall straight into the litter box.

The second floor
The second floor has two cubes with a gap in the middle. A door is on this level to allow for bunny access. The door is quite popular at about 7:30am when the craisin bag is shaken. Often the bunnies are waiting at the door in anticipation.....

The third floor
Floor three is a single cube again. This is the most popular resting place. They like it as they have multiple escape routes. They can go up or down in case something scary happens.

The fourth floor
This floor isn't used too often, but Thumper likes to sit here as there are multiple escape routes from Fuzzy (the boss). Another door is on this level for rabbit access.

The top floor
This is Thumper's favorite. Thumper jumps up to the top to escape from everyone and take a snooze. Lately they both hang out and snooze up there. Probably because they are out of reach....It also has some spare mats on the top so its much more enclosed. Rabbits prefer to have enclosed spaces around them as it limits the ability of predators to sneak up behind them.

The topfloor

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