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If you have a question or problem regarding rabbits, please check the website, as the answers to most questions ARE on the website.

While we would love to provide personal email based assistance, we have had to discontinue this service as we were inundated with rabbit questions. As a result, we created an online rabbit community - the fuzzy-rabbit forum.

If the information you seek is not on the website, please post your question on the forum. The international forum community is happy to help with any questions.

Fuzzy-rabbit has written an informative rabbit guide ebook available for only US $10. The book contains exclusive detailed information that does not appear on the website. 10% of every sale goes to support the rabbits at the Australian Animal Protection Society.

This website is funded privately and unfortunately receives no assistance to help keep it running.

Fuzzy-rabbit has written an informative rabbit guide ebook available for only US $10.
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 Click HERE to ask a rabbit question Rabbit questions sent via the form below will not be answered as we have an online forum specifically for all rabbit related questions.

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I have read the notices about posting rabbit questions on the forum, but I still need to contact fuzzy-rabbit


All information provided to Fuzzy-Rabbit will be kept confidential and your email address will not be sold to any third parties.
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