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Photos of Fuzzy

Fuzzy investigates the weed bucket
Fuzzy helps with the weeding

Fuzzy rabbit posing
Whats that?

Fuzzy doing a periscope
Fuzzy is always freaking out at noises outside

Fuzzy getting some grooming
Fuzzy indulges in some grooming

Fuzzy relaxing on the bed
Fuzzy isn't allowed in the bedroom....

Fuzzy napping
Rabbit eye view

Both rabbits
Thumper, what is going on in there???

Fuzzy glaring at Thumper
Fuzzy banishes Thumper to the curtain pile

Fuzzy banishes Thumper
I'm the boss and you aren't coming down from there til I say so......

Fuzzy relaxed
Fuzzy takes over the bed

Fuzzy has the cutest mouth
Fuzzy's soft little nose

Fuzzy's holiday house
The view from Fuzzy's pen at our holiday house... Spoilt bunny huh?

More Fuzzy photos

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