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Fuzzy-Rabbit.com has the answers to those bunny things you have always wondered about....

Welcome to Fuzzy-Rabbit's Rabbit Information website. If you already own a rabbit, Fuzzy-Rabbit can help you learn to interact on a higher level with your rabbit, and help you understand rabbit communications. For potential rabbit owners, have a browse through the information on this site as it can help you understand what to expect when you take on a rabbit as a pet. Rabbits are delicate creatures that need the right care to be happy and healthy. If you are looking for specific information, you can use the search engine..

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Please DON'T buy a rabbit for easter....Instead buy a chocolate or plush toy rabbit. Rabbits bought for children at easter usually end up living their lives in an outdoor hutch, lonely and neglected. Rabbits do NOT make good pets for children. Read why here.... Everyone loves rabbits - but Make Mine Chocolate !!!!.

Indoor Rabbits?

Yes, thats right, rabbits can live inside the house just like a cat or dog. Rabbits love to interact with people and get lonely and bored outside in a cage. See Fuzzy and Thumper's indoor accommodation to get an idea of how you can happily co exist with your furry pals.

Travelling with your rabbit......

Rabbits don't like travelling but here are some travel tips to make it smoother for everybun

Baby rabbitTopaz, a hand reared orphaned bunny, has joined the fuzzy-rabbit family.
Topaz stars in a step by step guide (with photos) to bonding two rabbits.

Not sure what your rabbit is trying to tell you?
Rabbits communicate via body language. This can include ear positioning, nose twitching speed and eye wideness. Find out more in the rabbit behaviour section.


thumper rabbit Thumper is a timid rabbit who definately doesn't enjoy the company of people. This is partly due to Thumper being dumped at a shelter when she was 6 months old. Read about Thumper's past and learn how to make friends with your rabbit.

Fuzzy-Rabbit's Guide to Rabbits ebook

If you like this website, you will love Fuzzy's ebook. Guide to rabbits has all the information from Fuzzy's website, plus exclusive detailed information that does not, and will not appear on the website.
This ebook is available now for only US $10 and 10% of every sale goes to support the rabbits at the Australian Animal Protection Society. Click here for more information and order form!!

Don't rabbits just sit around in a cage all day?

Sitting Rabbit Not at all. Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during twilight hours. They spend most of the day asleep and are very very active at around 10pm. Read the behaviour FAQ for more information about rabbit behaviour.

Dislocated hips in rabbits

Dislocated hips are a common problem with cats and dogs, but did you know that it can happen to rabbits too? Fuzzy injured her hind leg in November 2003 and the injury escalated to a bilateral hip dislocation, as she had shallow hip joints due to a malformed bone structure. Fortunately hip dislocation in rabbits can be treated, and while it won't ever be 100%, Fuzzy will have pain free mobility. For more information about dislocated hips, X-rays and Fuzzy's ordeal, see Fuzzy's dislocated hips.

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