Dear Friends I need help.

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Dear Friends I need help.

Postby kahati » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:09 am


I used to be an active member on this forum with my older rabbits, who have sadly passed away now.

I have a Minilop house rabbit called Hugh. He is 2 years old, was neutered at 6 months and is a shy rabbit but one whom I have a good bond with.

Hugh has begun to behave aggressively. It started with nipping a hand when it stopped stroking him, but now even minor misdemeanours or a wrong look in his direction can cause for him to lunge. My 10 year old brother was bitten last week (I was there, he let Hugh come to him and was just stroking him) and tonight he properly lunged for my bare feet and has drawn blood.

He is neutered and has never shown signs of hormones before now. He is a confident rabbit around us and is not scared, I am fairly sure this isn't fear aggression - we have only had problems in the last 6 months. I am at my wits end - I do not want him to bite my flatmates as it would make things difficult - and generally it is not nice having a pet who may lunge for others. all the guides say you can't punish rabbits (clearly I would never hurt him anyway) - and that the only way is to kill them with kindness.

I'm living in fear of my own sweet Hugh!

Help fuzzies! :| :albino:
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