Rabbit fights

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Rabbit fights

Postby Macarena » Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:51 pm

Dear all:
I have two rabbits one female Binky and a male, Nigel. Binky came first in our house and 6 months later Nigel came. Binky is about 16 months old and Nigel is about 10 months old. They used to be best friends until we decided to get a new baby rabbit, a male. As soon as they saw Oliver, Binky and Nigel started fighting really aggressively, even Binky got a little bit injured. Since the first fight, we have tried to make them bond again by taking them in the car, putting them in the bath tube, but they keep fighting. The problem is with Nigel, he seems to be the buss, Binky used to be the buss, but after the big fight Binky is now submissive to Nigel, but Nigel doesn´t seem to understand this and continues attacking Binky, now we keep them in separated rooms, when they used to be toghether around the house all the time. What can we do to make them be friends again?... Need help!!
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Postby Bindi » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:19 am

Firstly, I assume they are all neutered?

Secondly, do you have a friend's house for example where the rabbits have never been where they can all stay for a few days (my rescue centre recommends a week to be sure...) so they can all bond/rebond on entirely neutral territory?

Thirdly, welcome to Fuzzy Rabbit :)
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