Rabbit Jaw / Dental Abscesses

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Rabbit Jaw / Dental Abscesses

Postby winky » Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:05 am


My housemate and I found a stray (domestic) rabbit on the side of a busy road and took her in. She was with her partner but we couldn't get him. Any way turns out she was pregnant and had 4 kits (5 but one didn't make it). We gave the 2 females to a loving home once they were of age. Anyway after having the mum Pookie desexed and vaccinated and all that, after about 8 months of having her I notices she was drooling. I gave her a carrot which she tried to eat but couldn't (she could eat pellets and grated carrots fine).

Took her to the vet who could feel some abscesses on either side and had look inside the mouth as best she could and thought the some of the molars were misaligned. Sent home with some antibiotic injections and anti inflammatories and made a booking to see the rabbit specialists. Under sedation the specialist was able to pull some of the molars and flushed all the pus out. Xrays showed there were more abscesses and the jaw was bone was infected and that more teeth would have to be extracted including one of the incisors. The specialist implies even with this further procedure the prognosis may not be great and she would need ongoing treatment (teeth trims and further treat when/if the abscesses return) My question is what are peoples thoughts on what to do? Would you go ahead with the further treatment. It's expensive and I'll be honest that does come into but I would definitely do it if the prognosis was better. But more importantly note sure if it's in the rabbits best interest to put her through a procedure which could turn into multiple procedures if they outcome is still not great considering these seems to be a severe case.

What are peoples thoughts? Any advice from someone who has gone through this?

PS I have other rabbits. One years ago had bad teeth (no abscesses) and had some removed which worked for a while but in the end resulted in his teeth needing trimming every 2 weeks.
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