Rabbit toilet concerns.

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Rabbit toilet concerns.

Postby redruth1717 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:42 am

Hi, I have a beautiful two year old girl called ebony. during the day she is able to run round my kitchen, but over the last few weeks i have been putting her in a hutch at night and bringing it into my bedroom, so she can spend more time with me. She is used to being in a cage, and that is normally where she goes to the toilet, she still uses the cage during the day, she just hops in and out when she wants to use it. However I have noticed with the hutch she never goes to the toilet in it at all, which is beginning to concern me, as I was concerned it would affect her health. She uses her cage during the day, and usually comes straight from the hutch to the cage to 'use the facilities' but is it damaging her holding onto her business all night? Also, i don't have my own place my flat is in a large community building, and because of circumstances beyond my control, i can not sleep in the flat itself, but have to sleep on the floor below, this concerns me as there are 20 dogs living on the same corridoor, and i know that might be adding to the problem. When she is with me in my room I spend many hours stroking her, and grooming her which she seems to love. I just wondered if you could help at all, and give me any advice.
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