End of Life Care

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End of Life Care

Postby zuchinno » Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:48 pm

Toby, my eldest, is a 10 year old holland lop. He's gone blind now from cataracts and advanced glaucoma and recently he developed a brain infection that has severely affected his motor function. We're committed to a high level of care so long as he still wants to live, eat, cuddle, take his evening constitutional. But it's hard to not see that his clock is winding down. I dunno when it's gonna be, if it's gonna be planned or unplanned, but I wanna be ready so here are a few questions I've got about it.
This is an _extremely_ difficult topic and I'm coming to FR because even though it's been a long time since I've needed your support/advice, you're the ones who helped me learn all I needed to know when I first adopted my buns in 2006/7 so please understand that I'm not looking for whether I should do something or not, but how much things cost, and if you've done them, what your experience was.

1. Home euthanasia - Just getting the hardest one out there first. If Toby had a choice, he would choose to have a vet come at home and to fall asleep in his own bed. We live in Oakland CA. Any vets do home visits for this? Cost?

2. Cremation - I will check with Dr. Harvey when we go in next week. I know they have telltale ash boxes behind the checkin counter, but having an idea first would be good.

3. His wifey - Toby spends 23 hours a day cuddling with Lilly and they tear the room apart looking for each other when separated. Do bunnies react to dead bodies? Will she know he's dead and be scared? Or is it better for us to show her, like in the case of in-home euthanasia, so she can say goodbye and know that he didn't just disappear.

4. Lilly - She will be alone. :( What should we do? If when/we adopt another elderbun to bond, should we wait or do it sooner to help with separation anxiety?

Thanks for sharing what you can. These things are so hard to talk about.
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