In Loving Memory of Snowball

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In Loving Memory of Snowball

Postby QueenE » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:48 pm

My baby rabbit Snowball, died this morning before I could rush her to the vet. She seemed lethargic & not as active as before since last night. I kept her with me by my side as I worry that she may not breathe again, my worries came from my previous bunny Chocolate's death. Could it be the trauma again? Or could it be the pellets she was eating? I fed her some pellets, some small amount of veges, plus water; or could it be it was not enough water that she drank? Thousands of 'could it be' question marks on my head now but she's gone. :(

It was so sudden, in the morning, that she totally not balanced & head tilt, then collapsed & was in convulsions. My heart broke & bled when I saw this pain on her but I couldn't do anything to save her - the vet only opens at 10am. The was a hyper active baby bun & was eating/drinking normally. Until Sunday evening I realised that she was a little quiet & not playing with me as much. & she doesn't hop that much (hind legs). At a point the hind legs were like slow 'walking' steps instead of hopping (after the front legs kick off, it usually follows with hind legs hops). Could it be an injury?

I would not rear any baby rabbits anymore, for fear of their lives. It seems my older rabbits are ok with the feedings/environment but not baby buns. Chocolate was around 4-5 weeks, Snowball was around the same too. I'm so depressed & sad with the loss of the buns. I love you Snowball. I will cherish the moments we had together, though it was a mere 1 week time.

Binky free Snowball. I love you. :albino:
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Re: In Loving Memory of Snowball

Postby nytquill17 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:58 am

I'm sorry for your loss, so soon after Chocolate too.

I'm not a vet but it sounds like they may have already been carrying some disease or problem when you got them. Often when baby buns die so young and especially since you had two from the same place that both died very quickly, it means they may have already been sick. If she was losing her balance and showing signs of head tilt, this is likely not an injury but an infection or parasite. Her back legs would have been slower because she was dizzy and off-balance.

If they really were only 4-5 weeks old, they were far too young to be away from their mother. At that age I believe they are still nursing, although they are capable of eating solid food it is still mother's milk that sustains them and helps them grow, and helps keep them from getting diseases. At their age, without either their mother's milk or a replacement formula from the vet their chances were not very good anyway. Even if they hadn't died they would probably have had long-term health and digestive problems. Baby buns need to stay with their mothers for 6 weeks at a bare minimum but even then they may have some problems; the real safe age to take them away from their mother is 8 weeks.

But keep all that in your head for next time, for now it's enough to be sad for Snowball and Chocolate. Even when we only have them a little while we grow to love them so much. I'm so sorry this happened :(
Thanks, Liv, it's lovely!

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Re: In Loving Memory of Snowball

Postby Bindi » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:20 am

Sorry for your loss. I echo Nytquill's comments.

Binky free Snowball x
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