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Fuzzy-Rabbit's Rabbit Guide - new ebook

We have received an overwhelming positive response from fellow bunny lovers thanking us for making this helpful rabbit information available on the Internet. Now we have gone one step further and made all this information and much more available in a low cost ebook. Fuzzy-Rabbit's Rabbit Guide has all the information from the Fuzzy-Rabbit website, plus detailed information written exclusively for the ebook. Fuzzy-Rabbit's ebook features over 50 pages of rabbit information and colour pictures to help you understand your rabbit.

If you already own a rabbit, this book can show you how to interact on a higher level with your rabbit, and how to understand rabbit communications. For potential rabbit owners, this information can help you understand more about what to expect from a rabbit, and how to look after him. Rabbits are delicate creatures that need the right care to be happy and healthy.

The ebook covers:
  • Setting up a bunny environment - Condos, cages
  • Items you will need to buy
  • Rabbit ownership check list for potential owners
  • How to safely trance a rabbit
  • How to dance with your rabbit
  • Acquiring a rabbit - baby or adult? Male or female?
  • What to expect from your new rabbit
  • How to make friends with your rabbit
  • Litter training
  • Preventing bad behaviour
  • Bonding information
  • Symptoms and treatment of common rabbit illnesses
  • How to care for a litter
  • General rabbit health and care information
  • Extensive list of toxic plants
  • And much more !

    Introduction page preview:
    Fuzzy-Rabbit's Rabbit Guide

    The Rabbit Guide contains all the information from the Fuzzy-Rabbit website, PLUS exclusive detailed information that does not appear on the website.
    This ebook is available now for only US $10 and 10% of every sale goes to support the rabbits at the Australian Animal Protection Society.

    To purchase the book click the Buy Now image or the Make payments with Paypal link. Payments are accepted via Paypal and are in US Dollars. Book delivery is instant and is managed by Payloadz to ensure your purchase is protected.

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