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Thumper's Photos

Thumper's tongue

Thumper licking her lips after a cleaning session. You can see her tongue poking out!

Thumper climbing on things

Rabbits climb on everything

Thumper posing

Front Pose... Aren't I beautiful?

Thumper hiding in the plants


Thumper's box

Thumper's security box

Thumper blinks

Thumper closes her eyes in the bright sunlight

Thumper is startled

Theres something in there......

Shy Thumper

Trying to hide behind this palm tree

Thumper trying to hide

Thumper peers over a bush

Queen Thumper

You are my slave........Worship me.....

Camouflague rabbit

Theres a rabbit in there

Xmas rabbit

Xmas rabbit

Out in the wilderness

Out in the wilderness

Read about Thumper....

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