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Topaz's Photos

Topaz at 4 weeks

Topaz at 4 weeks old

Topaz at 4 weeks

Topaz at 4 weeks old

Topaz at 6 weeks

Topaz at 6 weeks old

Topaz sees the camera

Hello.. (13 weeks)

Busted climbing on the couch

Rabbits climb on everything

Topaz on the binky rug

Topaz pauses for a second between binkies

How do I get down?

Topaz leaps up on to the couch only to find she cant seem to get down....

I'm TRYING to sleep

Topaz patiently waits for me to go away so she can resume napping

About to wash her face

A younger Topaz

Soft fluffy baby fur

Topaz has soft fluffy baby fur

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