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Traveling with a rabbit

Happy Rabbit

Rabbits HATE traveling. This is a warning that your rabbit will be very angry at you for making her go into a small box for hours. Rabbits hate being in small enclosed areas as they cannot not escape from predators.
To travel safely with your rabbit, you need to buy a carrier. Cardboard boxes are NOT satisfactory carriers as rabbits will eat the cardboard and can potentially escape. The cardboard can also become soggy from rabbit urine and may tear easily. Other containers, such as a laundry basket, are also not safe as rabbits can escape easily. Holding rabbits on your lap is very dangerous and in case of hard braking in a car, you will not be able to hold the rabbit. Carriers can be bought from most pet shops and some vets.

Carriers for rabbits

To make the carrier more comfortable for your rabbit, place a soft towel or mat in the carrier. This will ensure that the rabbit does not slide around, and has a soft surface to sit on. You will also need to place some food and water in the carrier. Use a water bottle, as a dish of water in the carrier will spill. Before the trip, let your rabbit get used to the carrier, and make it a safe, comfortable area for the rabbit so he will be less stressed when placed inside.

Place the carrier on the floor of the vehicle you are traveling in. This will be more stable for the rabbit, and often darker. Rabbits feel more secure in a darkened area rather than being next to a window. If possible, break the trip up into sections to allow the rabbit to have a rest. This will also allow you to check how your rabbit is coping with the trip.

When you arrive at your destination, ensure that you set up the rabbit's home first so he can de-stress and relax after the trip.

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