Pet Bunny 101 – Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet Rabbit

Things to know before adopting a pet rabbit

Rabbits are charming animals. Since they are cute, small, and relatively inexpensive to keep, they appeal to both children and adults.  But just because a rabbit is small and quiet doesn’t mean that it’s less of an investment to keep than other pets. Before you commit to adopting a rabbit, you should learn some basics … Read more

What Can Rabbits Not Eat? 18 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Rabbit

What can rabbits not eat

Rabbits have a superpower: they can survive on 90% grass. Rabbits have highly specialized GI tracts built to break down and utilize every bit of nutrition in their roughage-rich diet. But this superpower comes with a cost. Because of their unique digestive systems, there are many foods that rabbits can’t eat.  Many of the foods … Read more

Rabbit Body Language Guide: Understand Your Bunny’s Behavior

Rabbit body language and behavior

Rabbits may be some of the smallest pets, but they’re packed with personality! Bunnies express their feelings through an extensive vocabulary of behaviors and body language. Whenever I’m volunteering at the animal shelter, and I rehome a bunny with first-time rabbit parents, I look forward to following up with them in a few weeks. The … Read more