Ellyn Eddy

Ellyn Eddy

Rabbit care


  • Renowned expert in rabbit care with over 20 years of experience, authoring books and articles, and achieving multiple awards in the rabbit world.
  • Deeply committed to educating the younger generation, having written extensively for 4-H rabbit project members, with a majority of her publications targeting kids and teens.
  • Accomplished ghostwriter and content creator across various niches, with articles featured in leading rabbit publications, the American Symphony Orchestra, and diverse online platforms.


Ellyn Eddy is not just an author and editor; she's a passionate advocate for rabbit care. With two decades under her belt, Ellyn's work primarily caters to young enthusiasts on a mission to grasp the world of rabbit care. Diving deep into the realms of research, Ellyn's unique approach to her writing process is characterized by her love for interviewing experts and distilling scattered ideas into concrete, relatable truths. Her commitment to rabbit care extends beyond writing: she's a 4-H rabbit judge and conducts workshops for students, inspiring the next generation of rabbit aficionados. When she isn't engrossed in the world of rabbits, Ellyn indulges in filmmaking, cultivating her garden, and introducing the culinary arts to her children. In quieter moments, one might find her immersed in a coming-of-age novel, basking on the serene shores of Lake Superior. Ellyn is a fervent learner, dedicating herself to in-depth online training in SEO and content marketing. Her professional trajectory includes invaluable mentorships with seasoned SEOs and writers. The commendations and awards she's received over the years, from distinctions like the ARBA Rabbit Queen to the ARBA Educational Contest Winner, showcase her profound expertise and commitment to her field.

Upcoming Projects

Eyes peeled for Ellyn's upcoming work! She's gearing up to revise and release a new edition of her critically acclaimed 2009 book, About Bunny Colors, slated for publication in the next year.

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