Is Rabbit Poop Bad for Dogs? Why Dogs Eat it & How to Stop This

Is Rabbit Poop Bad For Dogs

Dogs are curious animals and constantly investigate new objects they come into contact with. Because dogs explore their environment through their sense of smell and taste, they sometimes eat things they are not supposed to. These range from diapers to cigarette butts and even rabbit poop. This rabbit poop-eating habit is called coprophagia, and it’s … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Shedding? A Comprehensive Guide to Molting in Rabbits

Molting rabbits Why my Rabbit is Shedding

Rabbits make wonderful pets, as they are generally clean and relatively easy to manage. However, like many furry animals, they tend to lose a lot of hair periodically. Some rabbits even seem to constantly shed their coats. This process is called molting, and is sometimes referred to as ‘throwing their coat’. Molting can be quite … Read more

What Do Rabbits Eat? Food You Should Feed Your Rabbit

What can rabbits eat?

Rabbits are grazers that love eating different kinds of food, but like all of us, their preferences don’t always match up to what’s healthy for them! Unfortunately, some of those less-healthy preferences are reflected in commercial rabbit foods. The result? An estimated one-in-three pet rabbits is overweight, while digestive disorders and heart disease are major … Read more

The Quick Guide to Rabbit Hip Dislocation/Luxation

Rabbit hip dislocation

Rabbits make amazing home companions. They are clean, quiet, good with kids, and fairly easy to manage. They are, however, prone to injuries such as hip dislocation due to the nature of their skeletons. Rabbit hip dislocation (luxation) can happen because of developmental abnormalities, excessive movement, or traumatic injury causing the ball of the hip … Read more