Dr. Kathryn Rosalie Dench

Dr. Kathryn Rosalie Dench

Small Animal and Wildlife Medicine and Surgery
Exotic Animal Medicine
Pet Education and Awareness


  • Accomplished veterinarian with over a decade of expertise in small animal and wildlife medicine and surgery, with a niche focus on the nuanced health needs of rarer pets, including rabbits.
  • Graduated from the prestigious University of Cambridge with VetMB and MA degrees, and a registered member of the UK's Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS).
  • Recognized for her contributions in research on orangutan health, with publications in esteemed journals, and a key contributor to prominent pet-focused media platforms.


Kathryn Rosalie Dench, with her extensive background in veterinary medicine, is driven by a mission to debunk myths surrounding pet health and offer accurate, actionable advice for pet owners. Whether she's sharing insights on the less-understood animals or guiding readers on common household pets, Kathryn adopts an empathetic and consultative approach, akin to a personal vet clinic visit. Her expertise is not only confined to conventional pets but also expands to the realms of wildlife, particularly orangutans and primates. Kathryn serves as a dedicated Veterinary Advisor to several conservation charities, voluntarily offering her profound insights to support veterinarians working with endangered species. This involvement underlines her commitment to the world of animals, ensuring their well-being, whether they're household pets or endangered species in the wild. Outside the professional sphere, Kathryn is a devoted family person. The tranquillity of nature, the joy of reading with her child, and the introspection offered by journaling make up the moments she cherishes.


A proud alumna of the University of Cambridge, Kathryn holds both VetMB and MA degrees, showcasing her extensive educational foundation in veterinary medicine. Beyond her foundational education, she is a respected MRCVS, a recognition awarded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK. Her commitment to lifelong learning is further underscored by her specialized training in exotic animal medicine, enhancing her capabilities to cater to a wide range of animals, including the beloved rabbits.

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