Do Rabbits Make Noise? 14 Rabbit Sounds and What They Mean

Do Rabbits Make Noise - 14 Rabbit Sounds and What They Mean

Perhaps you’ve heard that “rabbits are silent creatures.”  But you probably weren’t far into your bunny-keeping career when you discovered that’s not true. Rabbits are definitely quiet creatures. With the exception of a terrified rabbit’s death scream – which most bunnies never even utter – rabbit noises are soft, subtle, and hard to catch. But … Read more

12 Rabbit Breeds That Stay Small

small rabbit breeds - the smallest rabbit breed

Rabbits are incredibly cute animals, but when they’re small breeds, they’re undeniably adorable! Although my bunny was medium-sized, some of the rabbits I’ve worked with in small animal centers and rescue centers have been tiny. They’re so much fun to be around!  Not only are small bunnies endearing, but they also take up less space … Read more