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Fuzzy-Rabbit.com was created to help people understand rabbits. Many people we talk to are surprised that rabbits can be kept inside as house pets. Rabbits are very clean animals and are ideal companions. Rabbits enjoy watching the daily family activities, and get bored sitting outside in cages by themselves.

Our rabbit knowledge comes from 31 years of owning and caring for rabbits. We have experienced many different behaviours and personalities of rabbits, not to mention the things that can go wrong. We have shared our experiences on this website to help educate people about rabbits.

Potential rabbit owners can find out what owning a rabbit is all about, and the costs and sacrifices involved. Rabbits are delicate creatures that need the right care to be happy and healthy.

On fuzzy-rabbit.com you can see photos of our rabbits, read their stories, and see how indoor rabbits live. If you found this website useful or have any suggestions, please contact fuzzy-rabbit.com via this form.

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