Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? The Safety and Benefits of Cruciferous Veggies

benefits of cabbage for rabbits

The question of “can rabbits eat cabbage?” is one of the more confusing issues in rabbit nutrition. Many longtime rabbit keepers will quip, “Cabbage causes bloat and rabbits can’t pass gas, so rabbits can’t have cabbage.” But is this the whole story? There are also lots of stories of people feeding cabbage to their rabbits … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber? All You Need To Know

Can rabbits eat cucumber?

Cucumbers are a popular fruit. Yes, they’re technically a fruit, not a vegetable! They’re tasty and refreshing and a great addition to a salad. They also have health benefits, including increasing hydration, improving bone and cardiovascular health, and reducing inflammation!  With all these benefits, you might wonder, can rabbits eat cucumber? The answer is yes! … Read more

What Can Rabbits Not Eat? 18 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Rabbit

What can rabbits not eat

Rabbits have a superpower: they can survive on 90% grass. Rabbits have highly specialized GI tracts built to break down and utilize every bit of nutrition in their roughage-rich diet. But this superpower comes with a cost. Because of their unique digestive systems, there are many foods that rabbits can’t eat.  Many of the foods … Read more

What Do Rabbits Eat? Food You Should Feed Your Rabbit

What can rabbits eat?

Rabbits are grazers that love eating different kinds of food, but like all of us, their preferences don’t always match up to what’s healthy for them! Unfortunately, some of those less-healthy preferences are reflected in commercial rabbit foods. The result? An estimated one-in-three pet rabbits is overweight, while digestive disorders and heart disease are major … Read more